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About The Author


Mr. Nguyen Long, also known as Thanh Nam, was born in 1922, in northern Vietnam. Migrate to the south since he was young, he soon became a loyal follower of Prophet Huynh Phu So and a relentless activist in serving the religion and the people of Vietnam.



He held a series of posts in the Vietnam Democratic Socialist Party


Member of the Long Xuyen Province Executive Committee


Deputy Chair of the Propaganda Committee of Southern Vietnam Associated Western Provinces Executive Committee


At the same time, he was responsible for training the Party’s cadres in political education courses, and was a staff-writer for the Dân Xã (the People Socialist) newspaper, the Party’s official public relation media.

Late in 1947:

He was appointed to the Director of Hoa Hao Military Propaganda Apparatus, and Editor-in-Chief of Chiến Đấu (the Fighting) newspaper, the official Hoa Hao military media.


He was a Hoa Hao Buddhist delegate in the National Forces United Front.


He lived in exile in Cambodia.

Late 1963:

Repatriated and continued to be active in rebuilding Hoa Hao Buddhism. He held the following posts in Hoa Hao Buddhism sect: First Deputy Secretary in the first term of the Central Administrative, General Secretary in the fourth term. At the same time, he oversaw administrative skill training courses for Hoa Hao cadres, a Hoa Hao Buddhist propagandist, a staff writer of Duoc Tu Bi, or the Torch of Compassion magazine, the official Hoa Hao Buddhist propaganda media. He was also appointed to represent Hoa Hao Buddhism in the following organizations: Council of Notables, Council of People and Armed Forces, Assembly of National Legislatures, Council of National Leadership Committee.



He was appointed to Chairman of Agricultural Committee in the Social and Economic Cabinet.

April 30, 1975:

Exiled to America, and immediately spearheaded the building of Hoa Hao Buddhism oversea. The followings are some of his accomplishments:


Established the Office of Hoa Hao Buddhism oversea.


Republished Duoc Tu Bi or the Torch of Compassion magazine, a crucial mean to connect Hoa Hao Buddhist refugees across the globe.


Established Vietnam Democratic Socialist Party Oversea


Organized Hoa Hao Buddhist Youth group


Opened courses to train Hoa Hao cadres


Until his decease, he was the Chairman of Hoa Hao Buddhist Coordination Council Oversea.


Activities related to the Vietnamese communities:


  • Co-founder of Vietnamese Studies Group, which published “Vietnam Retrospect and Prospect 1975-1985”
  • With his close friend, Mr. Trần Đức Thanh Phong, completed a study of Hoa Hao Buddhism titled “Research on Hoa Hao Buddhism of South Vietnam 1939-1975, with special section for 1975-1985”, for the Social Science Research Council.
  • Keynote speaker on the subject “Hoa Hao Buddhism within the Vietnamese revolution”, at the 1987 Association of Asian Studies.
  • His only accomplished endeavor: Coalescing all oversea religious and political organizations, and associations to form a United Front to fight for freedom for Vietnam.


On December 28, 1989, Mr. Nguyen Long Thanh Nam passed away in California. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nguyen Hoa An, and his six children.



Mrs. Nguyen Hoa An was Prophet Huynh Phu So’s personal liaison officer and currently is the adviser of Hoa Hao Buddhist Southern California Board of Administration.

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