2. Origin

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2. Origin

The mountains of the Western area have been the home of many unexplainable mysteries.  The most famous of these are the Sacred Mountains of That Son on the border of Chau Doc and Cambodia.

 Since 1849, a living Buddha reverently known as The Healing Buddha of Tay An made his first appearance on the Sacred Mountain of That Son and began his salvation mission by creating BUU SON KY HUONG Buddhism.  About 90 years later, exactly in 1939, also near That Son, another living Buddha, Prophet Huynh Phu So, continued the tradition of Buu Son Ky Huong and founded Hoa Hao Buddhism.

 Therefore, although Hoa Hao Buddhism was founded in 1939, it is a continuation of the Buu Son Ky Huong (literally, “Strange Perfume from Precious Mountains“) established in 1849.  Thus its existence is over a century old.

Both The Healing Buddha of Tay An and Prophet Huynh Phu So have been revered throughout South Vietnam as two Buddhas coming into the world to save mankind from sufferings.  They have also been revered as two genuine patriots.  (See the book:  Biography and Teachings of Prophet Huynh Phu So)

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